About us


The HVAC industry has developed significantly in recent years and customers have increasingly higher expectations from equipment such as air conditioning systems or heat pumps. Heiko is a brand which was created with the needs of the developing market in mind and its potential allows for continuous introduction of state-of-the-art technologies. Heiko systems are solutions which are friendly not only to users and installers but also to the environment. User comfort is extremely important to Heiko.

The devices are mainly characterised by high energy efficiency, intelligent control via WiFi remote control and quick and easy installation. An additional advantage is the minimalist and modern design. Each user can easily match air-conditioning systems and heat pumps to their interior. Functionality, elegant design, energy efficiency and reliability perfectly describe the devices from Heiko’s offer.

The success of the high sales of Split wall units has led to further development of the Heiko brand as of 2018. The company’s offer has been expanded to include not only Multi Split systems based on wall-mounted and cassette units. Heiko’s offer has also expanded to include THERMAL PLUS CH+DHW heat pumps with integrated hydraulic module, THERMAL CH+DHW heat pumps and POOL heat pumps.

A great advantage of Heiko products are intelligent solutions. Heat pumps and air conditioners use the R32 refrigerant. This means that the devices offered by the brand are very environmentally friendly. An additional advantage is quiet operation, achieved through innovative technology that allows for effective noise reduction.